Field Day 2006

Claire Parker operates the GOTA (get-on-the-air) station with some mentoring from Sharon Primbsch, AA6XZ. Claire made 4 contacts at Field Day, her first experience on the radio. Sharon guided many GOTA participants through the process of making their first on-the-air contacts.

Looking east toward the Berkeley hills. The weather cooperated with some fog and low clouds mitigating the heat that was plaguing most of the Bay Area that day. Although it can get a bit windy for our antennas, the Berkeley Marina is a great site for Field Day.

Although this pictures doesn't show it, the Public Information Tent was a busy place. Many folks who came to the park that day were given their first orientation to ham radio, and a chance to help us earn Field Day points by making a contact at the GOTA station.

As he does every year, Joe Lee, W6DOB, earned EBARC some valuable Field Day bonus points by passing NTS messages, including this one to ARRL East Bay Section Manager, Ti-Michelle Connelly.