Friday August 11th, 7:30pm
Speaker: Rich Holoch, KY6R
Topic: u.RAT - the Universal Remote Antenna Tuner

If you've seen any of RIch's presentations for EBARC before you'll know he's an avid DXer, covering topics like "Wire Antennas for DXing," "Low Band Antennas," "How I Made the DXCC Honor Roll," etc. With no new DX entities to work, and very few sunspots, Rich has still been keeping busy in amateur radio. This month's presentation will be on a universal remote antenna tuner that Rich dreamed up. He uses an Elecraft KPOD controller in an unorthodox way, pairing it with a RaspberryPi micro controller to run stepper motors that tune a remote analog antenna match (tuner). Very creative, out-of-the-box thinking and a lot of computer programming to make this thing work. He'll be doing a presentation on this topic at Pacificon in October, but you can see it here first - right in your own backyard. So please plan to attend the August meeting.

Note that we'll be back at our traditional venue (the El Sobrante Library) and our usual date (2nd Friday of the month).

Friday September 8th, 7:30pm
Speaker: Melvin Hendrickson
Topic: Repairing Old Radios and Tube Equipment

Mel Hendrickson and Pamela Deering are co-authors of a book on repairing old tube radios and other types of vintage electronic equipment. Mel also happens to be the cousin of our own Randy Jenkins, KA6BQF. The presentation will include a Q&A so come to the September meeting with your questions.

EBARC, ORCA, and ARCA sponsor joint ARRL VEC Amateur Radio Test Sessions quarterly (see location and dates below). Info at 510-918-4627 or 510-741-8227.

Media Room (Oakland Fire Dept.)
1605 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (at 16th St.)
Oakland, CA 94612

All VE Sessions are held on Sundays at 9am local time on the following dates for 2017:

January 29th
April 23rd
July 23rd
October 29th

Bring a government issued photo ID, and either your Social Security Number or FCC Registration Number (FRN). For upgrades, bring your original license and a photocopy of it or a valid CSCE from a prior exam and a photocopy of it. Also bring a pen and pencil and calculator (optional).

For more information on ham radio licensing classes offered by EBARC please contact Ken Fowler at 510-222-0830 or email: ko6no AT comcast DOT net.

EBARC members coordinate radio communications for many special events throughout the year (charity walks and bike rides, Boy Scout events, etc.). As events are scheduled they will be posted here. We'll be looking for volunteers to staff these events.

Calendar of Bay Area Ham Radio Public Service Events

(coordinated by various local ham radio clubs)

Grizzly Peak Century - Sunday May 7, 2017 06:00 to 18:30 Click here for further information or contact Randy 510 526.4089 to sign up.

Boy Scout FAGES II Hike - Saturday, June TBD, 2017 07:00 - 19:00 Click here for further information or contact Randy 510 526.4089 to sign up.

EBARC has participated in the annual ARRL Field Day event for many, many years (always held on the last full weekend in June). This is one of the biggest and most enjoyed club events of the year. While it's mainly about having a good time outdoors on the radio, Field Day is also an opportunity to give Ham Radio some exposure to the general public, practice emergency communications preparedness, and participate in a radio contest that's not quite as intense and competitive as most.

Field Day is also a lot of work (enjoyable as the tasks may be). We need people to transport and set up radio equipment and tents, keep everyone well-fed, provide security, interface with the public, and last but not least, get on the air and make as many contacts as you can.

It's also a great opportunity to hone your radio skills, whether it's setting up and tuning antennas or operating at break-neck contest speeds. And there are plenty of club members willing and able to help mentor these skills. But the main goal at an EBARC Field Day is fun for all, so please plan to participate! .

The annual ARRL Pacific Division Convention, Pacificon, is held each October. For more information visit the Pacificon website.