Field Day 2017 is on the horizon (June 23rd-25th). Perhaps the #1 event of the Ham Radio Season. We will devote the entire June meeting to preparation for Field Day. If you're into ham radio as an aspect of Emergency Services there is no better event for honing your skills. If you're a contester you probably already know what Field Day is all about. But regardless of your particular niche in the ham radio community, Field Day is a great social event and a ton of fun. Here's a flyer to tell you more about how to get involved: Field Day Flyer

THE HENRY-1 HIGH ALTITUDE BALLOON LAUNCH went off without a hitch (well, very few anyway) on Saturday, March 18th 2017. We felt it was deserving of a webpage, with an hour-by-hour narrative, photos, videos, and links to lots of sites with information about high altitude ballooning. Read more...

The EBARC Board has conducted a review of the club's Bylaws in an effort to keep them up-to-date and in compliance with regulations governing non-profits. The Board has proposed a number of changes that are contained in the following document:

Proposed Changes to Bylaws.

Any changes need to be voted on by the general membership of the club. So please review the proposed changes so that you can cast your vote at an upcoming meeting. New wording is printed in RED and phrases to be eliminated are presented with strike-through text.

The meeting at which a vote will be held will be announced well in advance.